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DanLynn Farms

A NJDA Certified Organic Farm

DanLynn Farms is in their twelfth year of organic production. Their focus is to provide high quality affordable vegetables by practicing strict organic methods. DanLynn Farms receives strong support from the local community as the growth in demand for organic foods increases. The customer base continues to grow in the residential area as suburbia sprawls into rural Salem County.

Dan and Lynn Lenco operate their small family farm producing organic vegetables on approximately 15 acres of land in Salem County.  They grow a variety of seasonal vegetables, striving to keep their costs down so they are more affordable to their customers.  They continue to improve soil fertilization by adapting sustainable methods such as organic cover crops and organic mulch.

USDA Organic
NOFA certified organic
NJDA Certifide Organic

DanLynn Farms

145 Perkintown Road, Pedricktown, NJ 08067
T: 856.299.6665 | F: 856.299.3567 danlynnfarms@aol.com